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          I really wanted to post this last month on the day I read about it, which just happened to be the same day the war started. I held off because it is my belief that ALL of our troops need our support, no matter what our personal opinions of individual service members are. With the bulk of the fighting and danger wearing down I now feel that this subject needs to be discussed.
          Travis Burnham is a menber of the 10th Mountain Division and is assigned as a photojournalist and had previously applied for status as a conscientious objector. ``I'm opposed to taking the life of another human being,'' he said. ``I understand there are situations where we react to human instincts and in self-defense, but to aggressively and collectively destroy another human life, my conscience won't allow me to do it.'' Then why the hell did you join the friggin army, Travis? Fortunately for us, Travis has an explanation ....... Apparently, after he dropped out of college he ran out of money while traveling through Europe. When he called home to ask his dad for some money he was told that he'd be sent three hundred bucks if he promised to join the coast guard. At the time there was an almost two year waiting list for the coast guard so instead he signed up for five years in the army. ``It was the Clinton administration, the economy was strong and war didn't seem to be on the horizon,'' Travis said. ``Not once did any of the recruiters I spoke with mention war, enemy, shooting or death.''
          OK Travis, you signed up for the ARMY!!!!. The army instructs you in the use of weapons and trains you to kill enemies. The army helps to defend our country. The army goes to WAR. I didn't think a person would need a college degree to know these things. I get so furious at people who think that this country owes them something but are unwilling to give anything back. Travis Burnham wanted the pay, the education, and the experience, but when it came time to do the job he signed up for, he was unwilling to fulfill his commitment. Shame on you Travis Burnham.

         In Travis' defense, I must at least admire him for reporting for duty. Cpl. Robert Sandifer, assigned to the Eugene, Ore. based Company A of the 6th Engineer Support Battalion (marines) is one of many Portland area reservists who have failed to report for duty and is facing a court-martial. I don't want to step on anyone's copyright so you can read his entire story here. Apparently he is another one who thinks that he can take without giving. What an asshole. If I can find a verified list of deserters their names will all be posted on this page.

          Before you go to bed tonight, say a prayer for all of the brave souls in our armed forces, wish them well and remember that it is because of them that you have a warm safe place to sleep tonight. They may not have been killed or injured but their lives have been changed forever by war ......... and they did it all for us.