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                                                  Vera screwed Mark                            

Well I guess it was bound to happen. Portland loses another police chief because of Mayor Vera Katz. First it was Chief Charles Moose resigning because he couldn't tolerate Vera's megalomaniacal tyranny. Chief Moose was the best community leader that Portland has seen in many years.

Now she has forced Chief Mark Kroeker to resign and she didn't even have the guts to ask him herself. She took the chickenshit approach and told an "intermediary" to ask for his resignation. She has promised to give us an explanation on Tuesday but refuses to even speak to the media until then. Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe she needs that time to think up a believable excuse. What's worse is that she is a lame duck mayor who has promised not to run in the next election and has nothing to prove by firing the police chief other than to try to make a bigger name for herself. I have a name for her and it rhymes with bunt.

Read Chief Kroeker's resignation letter here

Thank you Chief Kroeker

Chief Kroeker, you brought your experience, your skill, your morals and your common sense attitude to Portland and did your best to make this a better place to live. Your resources were cut, your manpower was cut, and that kept you from being able to be as effective as you are capable of. You did as much as you could under the circumstances. When are our so called leaders going to realize that buliding prisons and closing schools will only lead to more prisons and less schools? Can they not see the correlation? Do they not realize that public safety is more important than baseball stadiums and "greenspaces"? Chief, I'm sorry that you were forced to leave in this manner. I wish you only the best in your future endeavors.