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A litle to the right

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Hey!!! glad yer here :-)) ..sit down, grab a cup and enjoy!! I luv ya, Raven.

PLEASE sign my and let me know what you like and what you don't like about the site.

First lets get the legal crap outa da way ....... all pics on this site are copyrighted by either myself or someone else. Ya wanna copy em for personal use..go ahead ... but please give credit to this website ........... ya wanna use em for commercial purposes, ask me first, I think we might be able ta work something out .. Next is opinions .. Opinions on this page are just that...somebody's idea of what is right ..... So go ahead and sign my guestmap and/or message board and share your opinions .... from time to time, I'll put some of the opinions on the site. If you post someones personal info it will be deleted .. if it is 'vulgar', it may be deleted .. My point is ... just have some respect when you post em ok?

Now that that's out of the way, here's the meat of the site.. its all about the things that I like..u don't like these things? go make yer own site then ..................... pics .. lots of em .... pics of the places I like to be ................... opinions ... oh yeah!!! .. I LOVE having my own soapbox here to vent about tree huggers, bad politicians and friggin idiots in the chat room.

A little about me ... I came to Oregon in 1991 to start a new life .. if ya wanna know about my life before that time, become my close friend (good luck there, you'd have to be a pretty special person cuz I'm a hermit lol) and maybe I'll share it with ya ...................... This is the most amazing place I've ever been!! ............ the mountains, the forests, the ocean, the desert, all within 2 hours drive..that is sooo kewwl.

In 1994, a close friend of mine got me interested in gold panning...if you think gold fever is a myth .. think again .. I'm hooked! If you have an inkling to try it, or just want to learn more about gold mining...check out the gold mining link.

We now have ten aquariums in our tiny apartment, my prize tank being a 125 gallon aquarium, and I am now breeding angelfish. If you are interested in freshwater aquariums, see the fish link

Uh oh!! Now I get to piss off some people ............. tree huggers, fish huggers, and bunny huggers should all be rounded up and put on a deserted island in the North Sea (sorry, Raven..I do still luv ya tho, hon). I get so tired of these people who are trying to keep us from using OUR public lands (and yes, even private lands) and the resources they contain. Everything on this Earth was put here by God for one reason and one reason only ............ for man to use. Think about it ....... can you name one single thing in your home that wasn't either mined or grown???

The worst of the culprits is the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). These assholes burn buildings, wreck machinery, destroy crops, and have absolutely no regard for property or human life. The worst "local" group is the Cascadia Forest Alliance..these are the people who sit in the trees, build structures on public lands without permits, make latrines next to the creeks, and leave tons of garbage that the state has to pick up at our expense. Would you like to know what the environmetalists are really up to? Find out at Operation Greenout. ok ok ok, for more rantings see the My Opinions link.


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