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      Gun control means hitting what you aim at. ... But seriously folks .... I'm not even gonna touch the issue of the U.S. constitution, just common sense about owning firearms. If you own a firearm, it is your responsibility to have that firearm under your control at all times. I know ... that's not what gun control means either, but I believe in that statement with all my heart. If you own a gun and your child gets hold of it and shoots the neighbor kid in the head, it's YOUR fault. If your gun is stolen from an unsecured spot in your home or vehicle and it is used to murder a store clerk, YOU are at least partially responsible for that person's death.

     I don't own a gun, I don't hunt, I have fired a gun but once in my life. I do believe it is the right of every law abiding citizen to own a gun. If I were to own a gun, and I am seriously considering it, these are the steps I would take to ensure that it is not used for anything other than its intended purpose: