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Dear Friends;

Our family and friends have decided to get a jump on our yearly homeless drive. This year we have decided that all proceeds will go to the Union Gospel Mission on Third and Burnside. We are collecting donations of blankets, socks, warm hats and gloves or mittens, scarves, ear muffs, jackets and any other warm items you may wish to donate. (please no food items)

Our apartment complex is having a yard sale and lemonade stand. All proceeds will be used to buy shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc., to hand out later this year when we hand out the warmer items. Any donations of any deoderants, hair brushes or any of the above mentioned items will also be appreciated.

Our first date for a yard sale is fourth of July weekend. We will of course be having a few more throughout the coming months. Anyone wanting to make donations towards the yard sale may contact my email address with a list of any items they wish to donate and I will get back to you and arrange either a pickup of your items or directions for you to deliver them to me.

Everyone is welcome to come to the yard sale(s) and enjoy buying something to help out the homeless. I hear the lemonade is pretty good!

If you are wondering why this particular mission is important to us click on the following link and read the story behind our homeless drive. Dignity Village