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        Have people lost their minds or just their common sense? Many species of salmon in the Northwest have been listed as threatened or endangered despite the fact that there are plentiful numbers of a lot of these fish thanks to ODFW's hatchery programs. For years, the Greenies have been distributing propoganda full of half-truths and false science stating that hatchery fish are not the same as wild fish, and that the hatchery fish actually harm wild fish stocks. They have ignored the fact that modern science has determined that there is NO difference between a wild fish and a hatchery fish. Now that the courts have decided that wild and hatchery fish are identical, the Greenies have taken it one step further into the realm of lunacy. They have drafted a proposal stating that if "wild" (river spawned) salmon populations in one area are considered endangered, then fish spawned in hatcheries in that area should be listed as endangered as well!!! How f***ing stupid can these people be? Hatchery fish endangered??? We can make as many of them as we need or want!!
        What is the real agenda of the Greenies? It's hard to say, but it seems that they want to keep humans (who they don't consider part of nature) from using any of the natural resources that God put on this Earth for us to use.
        The next time you see any of their propoganda on the tv, hear it on the radio, or receive it in the mail or e-mail, think of Chicken Little screaming "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!". Before you send them your money, or volunteer your time to them, spend a little of that time investigating their claims.