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A Bad Month Not sure if bad luck had a part to play in it or if I just screwed myself. Let's go back a couple of months ..... I was unemployed. I had applications out everywhere, including a couple of temp agencies. One temp agency called and said they had a job for me. I took the job and was greatful to have it. The work was physically demanding, the hours were horrible, and the pay was barely above minimum wage. I worked hard, didn't complain, and put out my best effort. All that paid off. My supervisor noticed my work and recommended me for full time permanent work. After meeting with the HR person I told him that I didn't think it was in either of our best interests for me to commit to his company. I knew that I could do better and didn't want for him to hire me then have me quit when I found something better. He totally understood and said that I was welcome to keep working there through the temp agency until I found another job. What a great attittude for him!! A couple weeks later the other temp agency called me and said that a company that I interviewd with a few months back wanted me for $3.00/hr more than what I was making. I told them I would take it but I should give my current employer time to find a replacement. No problem. I gave my notice. Everyone that I worked with congratulated me and wished me well. My boss said he wished I would stay but understood the circumstances. I went to the new job and they looked confused. "You're not the person we asked for." Wait a minute. I was offered a job. I quit my last job to take it. Now I'm told I don't have the job????? Now I'm totally screwed. Back to pounding the pavement, searching the web and on the phone half the day to find another job. Is this a case of the fox and the grapes? Was I too greedy? Here's where the bad luck part comes in ..... We just got the worst winter storm in 40 years. Completely iced in. Even if I could get into the car it won't go on a sheet of ice. 3 days now and it doesn't look any better until the weekend. Bad luck? Or my own bad choices? Who's to say?