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I just recieved this e-mail from the Sierra Club:

"The Bush Administration actions don't support its claims to support women's rights and family planning. The current Administration has decided to rescind U.S. support for the Cairo Program of Action, a model agreement for improving women's health and helping to slow population growth. This agreement, formed in 1994 and supported by 179 countries, grants the right of all people to decide freely how many children to have and when to have them as well as the right of all individuals to reproductive health care. The past six administrations have supported family planning programs and have requested other countries do the same. What caused this sudden turnaround? We don't know. The Cairo Program of Action has helped provide the model for affordable, safe family planning programs around the world that in turn have helped to slow population growth. It provides an important service to women around the world through affordable family planning and reproductive health programs that improve women's lives and support the environment."

If you don't think that the Cairo Program of Action is anti-human, read this

It seems like the Sierra Club condemns people who cut trees, but supports baby killers. Apparently, the Sierra Club believes that one way to save the environment is to kill the babies who may grow up to be loggers, fishermen, or ranchers. We need to put an end to these radical environmentalists who believe that human life is the least important form of life on this earth. I'd really like to see these Greenies live without the resources that they condemn us for using.

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