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      This is not a hero's story filled with excitement, adventure and daring, but it is only a lasting record of the service life of Tom Hargreaves who began his association with the R.C.A.F. in 1942 and served with that group until the year 1946.
      It is compiled of photographs, bits and pieces of memorabilia liberally spiced with comment throughout, of and about people, places and the many small but signifigant stories and events that were so much a part of all those wonderful and exciting years.
      Acknowledgement is greatfully directed to those two great organizations, the R.C.A.F. and the R.A.F. along with those individuals who,after some 36 years, gave of their time and effort to provide photographs and in many instances were able to fill in the gaps that somehow can grow wider as the years pass along.
      Added to the enjoyment of putting it all together has been the renewal and establishing of friendships that have materialized from the many letters of inquiry that were sent out in search of fromer associates and information.
      At the time of compiling this record, the events and photographs that make up the substance of the story are as clear and vivid as they were back in those memorable days. This is only true because of the subsequent impact that events and people of thos times would and did have on me as an individual.
      To have a storehouse of memories and to be able to recall them and enjoy them as they once happened is indeed a most treasured gift to possess. To take them and attempt to make them live in the present in far different circumstances is to utterly destroy them.
      These then are my many memories, as they happened and in their small way tell the story of a few years of my life as a young and dedicated airman in the Royal Canadian Air Force.
      The following pages are dedicated to my son Brad as a lasting memento for him to keep and perhaps from time to time peruse and gain some insight into a few years of my life that I, fortunately, have been able to somehow preserve.

                July 6, 1982