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I am greatful to the following people and groups for their assistance in my search for people and photos. Also thanks to former buddies who were so good in answering my letters of inquiry.
         R.C.A.F. Museum of Photography, Ottawa, Ontario.
         R.A.F. Station Leeming, Yorkshire, England.
         Chis Slater, Midland Counties Publications, Leicester, England.
         Garth Hesketh, North Cowton, Yorkshire.
         Mrs. Farrell, Managress, Blacksmith Arms, North Cowton, Yorkshire.
         Commanding officer, R.C.A.F #427 Squadron, Petawawa, Ontario.
         Mr.and Mrs. Inkster, Toronto, Ontario (#6 Group Association).
         Harold "Boots" Bouchat ---- Winnipeg, Manitoba.
         Ross "Mac" MCCormick ---- Edmonton, Alberta.
         Tom Mansell ---- Maple Ridge, British Columbia.
         Jim Holleran ---- Pembroke, Ontario
         Stan Hamblin ---- Vancouver, British Columbia.
         Gordon Bussey ---- Vancouver, British Columbia.
         Bill Alefounder ---- Ottawa, Ontario.
         Tom Tomlinson ---- St. Albert, Alberta.
         Carol and Ian Lidster ---- Courtney, British Columbia.
Finally, thanks to Ted O'neil publisher of the Carlyle Observer for his assistance in helping me to come up with a suitable book for the contents.
To John and Brenda Votour for letting me have the use of their typewriter during the summer months at Carlyle Lake.
Finally to my dear wife Esther who put up with my writings and searchings and helped me to re-unite myself with so many of my buddies that I had not seen for years, by making them feel so much at home in our home.
        It has truly been a "labor of love"!